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Mattress & Furniture Recycling

Affordable Mattress and Upholstered Furniture Recycling

Easy Disposal and Recycling of Mattresses and Furniture 

Recycling your old mattress is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also saves space in the landfill. Our fast, affordable service makes recycling your old mattress easier than ever. We have been in business for more than 80 years and have earned a reputation for quick services at affordable prices. We accept all types of mattresses. Shredding services and recycling options are also available.

Do you need to get rid of an old couch? We offer recycling services. Our disposal services are not just limited to mattresses. We accept a wide variety of upholstered furniture, including couches, sofas, loveseats, chairs, and recliners.

Repurpose the Components of Your Old Mattress or Furniture

  • Steel springs: Scrap steel from old mattresses and other upholstered furnishings is sold as scrap metal. The metal is melted and used to make new steel components for a variety of consumer products
  • Wood: Wood from mattress foundations and furnishings are often chipped and used to make mulch for landscaping, pet bed stuffing, and in the creation of biomass fuel
  • Fibers: Cotton fiber and wood fiber are mixed to use in making oil filters for engines
  • Foam: The foam from old mattresses is recycled for several purposes. Currently, it's being used to make moving pads, underlayment for carpeting, and biomass fuel
  • Fabric: Reclaimed ticking is used to make shoddy pads and pet beds
For additional information about our mattress recycling services, get in touch with us at 651-227-4457.
Recycle your old mattress with our help. Call Mudek Trucking & J J Recycling today!

You can rely on us to recycle and dispose of all the components of your old mattresses using the most environmentally responsible methods. 
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